Mingo Falls | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

Mingo Falls

Arguably the most stunning cascade in the region, Mingo Falls will hold your attention for hours. So bring a picnic, recline on the rocks, and bask in the iridescent spray. Your friends will certainly be impressed by the pictures, yet even more so if you can recount a good Cherokee legend to go along with them. Will it be the water bears or the storm spirits? You can imagine the Aniyvdaqualosgi up in the sky above the falls as you listen to the thundering of the water. Just try to be grumpy here; you’ll find it’s just about impossible. 

Directions: From the Saunooke Village shopping area in downtown Cherokee, drive north on Big Cove Road approximately 5 miles (past the KOA Campground) to the Mingo Falls parking lot. 


Soco Falls

One of the many Cherokee waterways, Soco Falls is a cascading masterpiece for those who journey to its resting place in the heart of Cherokee. Take a moment, and revel in the lush wilderness that surrounds you. You may find it difficult to leave a place that seems so secluded, while only being a short distance away from the rest of Cherokee.

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