Camping | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

Camping in Cherokee. A safe, natural place to roll out your sleeping bag.

A great way to experience Cherokee intimately through the day and night is to camp at one of our comfortable campgrounds. If you’re like many nature lovers, you don’t want to let go of the smell of the campfire or the view of the stars so soon by retreating to a secluded room with a tightly tucked bedsheet. For some, the conversations by moonlight beat a remote control and a talk show any day. Campgrounds provide easy access to outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking and mountain biking trails, fishing, whitewater rafting, and more. Kids and adults enjoy the camaraderie found by meeting other campers and settling into a little home away from home to call their own. Here in the little wooded village of a campground, you’re bound to bond more closely with your fellow travelers and maybe even meet some new folks with whom to share Cherokee vacation highlights with.


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