Play | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

In Cherokee, fun comes in a nearly infinite variety of shapes, sizes, and adventures.

Maybe you’re a lover of all things outdoors, and seeking a base camp from which to launch a mud-spattering romp to the dragon wells where the Uktena lives (a giant snake from Cherokee history and storytelling that’s said to live near the riverbanks), which you first heard about in the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

Or, perhaps you’d simply like a quiet morning on the links of Sequoyah National Golf Club, followed by an afternoon drive on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. Perhaps a search for the giant Judaculla, and a trip to see the fireballs he throws. Maybe Harrah’s, with its entertainment, a visit to Mandara Spa, shopping, and dining are your thing.

From exciting stickball demonstrations to events full of culture, dance, crafts and rides, or from the outdoor drama “Unto These Hills” to a quiet reverie with our native elk herd, Cherokee’s got your version of fun waiting for you.

Sample Trips