Chasing Giants | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

Chasing Giants

When’s the last time you spent your vacation chasing giants?

Planning your trip to Cherokee isn’t work. In fact, to make it extra fun and work-free, we’ve stitched together some sample itineraries for you to try or be inspired by. The first starts with your pursuit of the Cherokee giant, Judaculla…

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Judaculla Rock

Take a scenic hike to Judaculla Rock to see the ancient petroglyphs considered by the Cherokee people to be Judaculla’s footprint.

Judaculla Old Fields

View Judaculla’s Farm, now called Judaculla Old Fields, from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then fish for trout in the Tuckaseegee River.

Devil’s Courthouse

Explore Judaculla's Dance Hall, known as Devil's Courthouse, another scenic destination for giant chasers. Beyond it, Looking Glass Rock and Pilot Knob carry stories of the giant and make great picnic spots. 

Sample Trips