Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A sight for sore eyes and relief for stressed minds.

America’s most beloved park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known for its magnificent diversity of plant and animal life. An adventure into the park might feel like the missing vitamin you need. Nature like this serves as a healing tonic in our hectic modern existence. But this is nothing new for the Cherokee people. They have honored this powerful land for centuries. Now it’s time for you to discover this secret garden.

 Vacation in the Smokies for a wealth of outdoor fun.

Countless ridges and valleys of opulent forest make up the vast expanse of the park, beckoning you to come and enjoy its riches. Take advantage of the hiking, swimming, biking, and kayaking opportunities in the park. Visit the high peak on the western border of Swain County where Cherokee legend tells of the Great Rabbit who was as large as a deer and all the little rabbits who were his subjects. Then, when you’re all worn out from stories and play, find a comfy Cherokee hotel where you can recharge for another day of adventure. 


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