Biking | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

Cycling in Cherokee. Making new tracks in an ancient world.

The Qualla Boundary and the surrounding areas offer numerous possibilities for anyone wanting to seek adventure on two wheels! We take pride in our mountain bike offerings at Fire Mountain Trails. Fire Mountain is over 10.5 miles of some of the sweetest single track around and is free to access to everyone at most skill levels. Just be ready to climb hard and to have “smiles for miles” on your way back down. It’s some of the most fun and flowy single track you’ll find anywhere!

If mountain biking isn’t your thing, the surrounding back roads offer great opportunities for road and gravel cycling. While staying in Cherokee, the Blue Ridge Parkway is just a few pedal strokes from the Qualla Boundary and offers a three-season road cycling paradise for anyone wanting some great climbs, super-fast descents and amazing views of our ancestral Cherokee homelands.

If you want to be on two wheels, it’s all here waiting for you. Right here in Cherokee.


Fire Mountain Trails

The Fire Mountain Trails are Cherokee’s newest source for big adventure—a multiuse trail system that’s made to mountain bike, hike, or run. The network of trails is more than 10.5 miles total, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to recreate safely, responsibly…and flowy?

That’s right—if you like your trails with a nice flow of features, with fun berms and quick hits of elevation that are manageable and fun, Fire Mountain is made for you. You’ll find tables, rock gardens, and blinds for those who know, along with single-track and wider sections, spots that are smooth and fast, and trails that invite the more technically accomplished with options for those less so. The trailhead is located about 100 yards from the Oconaluftee Indian Village in Cherokee and shares a parking lot. The trails interlace through the nearby Great Smoky Mountains, so you already know the views and terrain will take your breath away, even if your recreation of choice doesn’t!

Is it the flowiest trail in the east? Better than Ridgeline? Check the video or better yet, judge it for yourself during an overnight stay in Cherokee. Trails are free of charge, and open every day, all day.

Sample Trips