Signs of Spring: See What’s Happening in Cherokee, NC | Cherokee, NC

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Signs of Spring: See What’s Happening in Cherokee, NC

The arrival of spring is punctuated by these beautiful cherry blossoms in Cherokee, NC. Photo by jeremywilson_1988.

Like many other parts of the country, Cherokee is operating under a stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 crisis. And yet, with spring unfurling here in the mountains, there’s still so much beauty to enjoy. Not only are the days getting warmer and longer, but wildflowers are blooming, wildlife is stirring, and the sun continues to rise and set in breathtaking fashion. Life carries on, in spite of so many changes. Here’s what it looks like for many people in Cherokee right now, who shared these images of their lives via Instagram. We hope you enjoy these photos and take comfort in knowing that we’re all in this together.

Special thanks to the featured photographers for sharing their Cherokee snapshots with us. We appreciate your eye for beauty! For more of their work, be sure to click the links below each photo.

A gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway sunset view overlooking Cherokee, NC. Photo by @thunderstruckmtn_photo.

Wildflowers bloom in Cherokee, NC. Photo by _strongest_avenger_01. Think you know the wildflowers of the region? Test your knowledge with our spring wildflowers blog.

Bethany Gross (bethie_gross) shared this springtime photo of elk in Cherokee. See our tips for spotting elk, which are called “great big deer” in the Cherokee language.

Mingo Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the southern Applachians, and rises to over 120 feet. Photo by brooke.adrienne. Learn more about the waterfalls of Cherokee, NC.

Springtime in Cherokee means ramp season! Ramps, a type of wild onion, have been ceremoniously gathered by Cherokees for over 12,000 years. Photo by innthewoodswildgifts.

Photographer Jeremy Wilson captures the most magnificent Cherokee night sky. “Don’t worry,” he writes in the caption of this photo, “I’ll sit with you in the dark until the light comes up.” Photo by jeremywilson_1988.

“Going to water” and wading into the river is a sacred ritual for some Cherokees, who believe that water, when treated with respect and handled with proper traditions, can cleanse the spirit. Photo shared by kenny.gibson.351, taken by Richard Welch, AKA “the Duck.”

“Sometimes when I am hiking I hear the voice of the forest fairy start to sing and I know I am about to stumble upon something magical. Today she was singing loud and clear,” wrote Instagram user kristieg76, when she posted this photo of mushrooms she discovered in Cherokee, NC.

Small business owner, Lydee (lidee23), posted this pic of how she’s getting through the stay-at-home order. She captioned this photo her “pandemic/quarantine books.”

Rose Long, a WCU ‘20 student, shared this moment of peace from the Oconaluftee River in Cherokee. Photo by loshihsol.

A magical discovery on the bed of the forest, taken by Marina Zamora in Cherokee, NC. Photo by marinazamora2442.

April Parker Jacobs, health coach and co-owner of Southern Charm in Cherokee, NC, posted this pic in response to homeschooling and social distancing. “Mommin’ may look a little different right now,” she wrote, “but I’m grateful for any extra time I get with these sassy little fireballs.” Photo by mrs__jacobs.

Podcaster Poldi Wieland was thrilled to see these magnificent elk—his favorite animal—recently locking horns in Cherokee, NC. Photo by poldiwieland.

Eastern tiger swallowtails—the official state butterfly of North Carolina—flutter about in Cherokee, NC. Photo by sandsoulandtime.

Trae Bradley takes his young son outside for some Cherokee sunshine—and bubbles! Photo by trae.brad.
Kate Bryant poses in front of a scenic overlook in Cherokee, NC. Photo by peachykaate. See our guide to hiking in and around Cherokee for more inspiration.

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