Warriors of AniKituhwa | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

Traditional Cherokee dance. Moving to the beat of an ancient drum.

The Warriors of AniKituhwa bring to life the Cherokee War Dance and Eagle Dance as described by Lt. Henry Timberlake in 1762. Designated as official cultural ambassadors by the Tribal Council, the dancers have performed at Colonial Williamsburg, the National Museum of the American Indian, and throughout the United States.

These spirited Cherokee dancers perform pieces traditionally meant to celebrate men going off to war, and which also were performed as statements endorsing the meetings with other nations in the interest of diplomacy and peace. The Warriors perform other traditional dances such as the Bear Dance, the Beaver Hunting Dance, and the Friendship Dance.

For more information about the Warriors of the AniKituhwa, contact Dawn at dawn.arneach@cherokeemuseum.org.